City Gossip: Michael Jordan’s New Restaurant “1000 North” in Jupiter

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Michael Jordan’s Restaurant in Jupiter

Between Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and the new Luxury condos that will rise from the former home of Panama Hattie’s restaurant and Rum Bar on PGA, You can say Palm Beach County is rising and it’s rising very quickly. We all know that Jupiter, Florida is not going to be the hidden gem nor is it going to be the “cute” or “Little” Beach town it was 10 years ago. Now, I have to say when all celebrities started to move in on the Island, Didn’t anyone think “ Hey, this is the start of something?” It’s pretty obvious at that point when Celine Dion, Tiger woods, Kid Rock, Alan Jackson and plenty more live just on Jupiter Island. With fame comes media and with media is free advertisement; whether it is wanted or not wanted.

1000 north MJ Restaurant

  So, let’s talk about Michael Jordan’s new restaurant “1000 North” that has been the gossip of the city lately. With homes being so close to the restaurant, Residents are very concerned about the noise and traffic that this might bring, and they’re a tad bit concerned of the obstruction of views of the Loxahatchee river. Being a Jupiter resident, I have to say that with the whole Harbourside deal, and the problems that have risen within that development; I would be a little concerned if my home was 200 feet away from the new Jupiter restaurant. On the other hand, the building has been empty for a very long time, It was empty when I had first moved down here from Los Angeles 3 ½ years ago. 

Jupiter LighthouseBut, it might bring a pretty view driving over U.S. 1, that’s all that matters right? Great views and money flow! (By the way, I hope you catch the sarcasm) there are definitely way more important things in life than just those 2 things! When it comes down to it, 1000 North will offer more job opportunities for our residents, another wonderful place to eat with amazing views and fill an empty lot that has been very lonely for years.  Michael Jordan lives locally and I’m sure he loves our home just as much as we do, and Mr. Jordan would never bring anything more than excellence to our community (and the NBA).

This 18,000 sq ft restaurant, right off U.S. 1 just north of Burt Reynolds Park, will have about 75 outdoor seats — including an outside bar — and overlook the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Of course, A dock and boat slips are planned as well. This upcoming Jupiter restaurant is supposed to be completed by the end of 2017.

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