Eastointe County Club

Eastpointe Country Club – Golf Tennis & Social

Eastpointe Country Club located in Palm Beach Gardens is a great golf and tennis community with many great amenities. Eastpointe offers 2 clubhouses as the East Community and West Community have joined to make one amazing Palm Beach Gardens Country Club.

Upcoming Eastpointe Events:

Friday, May 20th

The West Clubhouse will be Closed for a Private Golf Outing.

The East Card Rooms will be available for play.

Memorial Day BBQ

Monday, May 30th


Dress Code for the Golf Courses AND Practice Facilities

Players must dress in golf clothes of the type sold in Pro shops; they may not wear short shorts, tennis shorts, cut-offs, cargo shorts or pants, tennis skirts, tank tops, jeans of any color, or exercise attire on the golf course or in the practice areas. All players must wear proper upper body clothing; men’s shirts must have sleeves and a collar, or have a mock turtleneck, and should be kept tucked inside pants at all times. Ladies tops must have a collar if there are no sleeves. T-shirts are NOT permitted and bare feet are NOT permitted.

*This applies to all Golf facilities for any guest or visiting family, regardless of age.

Eastpointe Country Club
Playing Golf at Eastpointe Country Club

Guest Policy
Guests are permitted to play when space is available, however the Chelsea reservation system has been programmed to prioritize groups of members before assigning starting times to groups with guests. When checking in, please have the first and last name of your guests available for the golf shop attendant.

Guests are categorized as either Family or Outside Guests. A family guest must be immediate family. Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, and Cousins are NOT considered immediate family.

Guests are limited in how many times they may play during the season. Immediate family may play a total of nine times, while outside guests are allowed six plays during the season. More play is permitted in the off season, allowing 12 plays for immediate family and 8 plays for outside guests during the summer.

Eastpointe Schedule


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